Did you know that a major 4g wireless provider uses concrete5 across their web presence, which serves 66m+ pageviews a month?

How about the largest publisher and distributor of childrens books in the world?

The UK division of a well known american car company?

No, of course you didnt, because none of these companies has given us permission to use their logo on our site. We can go on and on NOT saying the names of these companies that are using concrete5, but to be honest its getting a little tiresome. Were starting to feel like a concubine here, and as Beyonce so eloquently put it "if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it."

Well known brands, its time to fess up that you love concrete5! You know you spent 6 figures on the painful system you had before. You know you need to 'give back' to open source projects for them to succeed. We dont need your donation, all we need is your stamp of endorsement. How easy is that???

We are looking at two levels of engagement here:

Used by...

We need to have a set of logos anyone can recognize on our home page under a title of "Used by..." That doesnt mean we need a case study or reference. We dont need these to link anywhere. We just need someone new to concrete5 to see some logos they know and think ahh, Im in good company here.

Case Studies

We do need more case studies. Were putting a separate enterprise services site together and if youd like to be part of that with some more details on what youve done with concrete5, wed love to work with you.

I could say were looking for Fortune 1000 names here, but really its not that cut and dry. A well known brand that isnt worth billions would still be very helpful. A great case study on a complicated project for a company with a boring name would still be wonderful to have. If you think youve got something that might fit the bill, just ask and well let you know our interest level in using it.

Whats in it for you?

Well first and foremost youll get the overwhelming warm glow that comes from knowing you did the right thing to help the underdog you depend on, and it didnt cost you a dime! Beyond that, this is important enough that were willing to offer you a few NPR style perks:

1) Cool stuff.

If you have a logo we want to use, we will give you a license of every add-on the core team has made, along with a big box of swag in the mail.

2) Our time.

If we can work together to make a case study, we will give you two hours of our consulting time at no cost, in addition to the Cool Stuff package above. We currently bill $250/hr so, ya know - were serious about wanting your help on this.

Thank you in advance everyone! If youd like to contact me directly with a question, knowing that I will be extremely thoughtful about the sensitivity of the information involved, please private message me from my profile.