No, not for us. We already have a new logo. No, the logo I'm talking about is for Wal-Mart:

It's interesting they ditched the hyphen – makes sense though, since I could never remember if Walmart was spelled with one or not. The iconic Walmart star is present, but they've moved it from the middle. Upon seeing this logo with the star at the end, the first thing I thought of was an asterisk, meant to denote some bit of trivia or impart a cautionary reminder about the company in question.


(* – May prove hazardous to liberals, leftists, protectionists and yuppies.)

(* – Prolonged exposure may lead to nerve damage.)

(* – Watch for falling prices…or reap the whirlwind.)

(* – Surgeon General Recommends a Lifestyle Free of Excessive Bargains.)

And so on… Any you want to add?