totally random episode 4 from concrete5 on Vimeo.

Hey!Andrewagain, and I'm going to recap the news.

This Week's News

  • Some new stuff is in the works for the home page and about area. We also added drop downs to the documentation tab. Big deal, huh?
  • I released a new how-to detailing how to setup a demo site that resets itself ever hour.It can also be read and commented on
  • We mention some traffic from Webdesign Ledger, Reddit, and 1stWebDesigner. Be a chum and comment there for us.

How we assign your karma raffle numbers

With three awesome prizes to give away, we decided to have three databases - one for each type of contribution (Promotion, Helping People, and Developing). For each Karma point a user has in a silo they get a number of tickets assigned to their name so we end up with 1,000,000 total tickets. Then to build random numbers we randomly picked knives out of a display case at Benchmade and used their model numbers.

TheWinners, and What They Got

Awesome Prizes:

  1. A Benchmade Knife and concrete5 T-Shirt
  2. $155 in site credit here and a Benchmade hoodie
  3. A WHOLE YEAR of free hosting on a Commercial grade account with us, and a Benchmade hoodie.

Watch the video to see who won what.