Our first big release of 2015, 5.7.4 is our biggest since launching 5.7 last year. 5.7.4 includes

  • A new help system, with guided walkthroughs, multiple videos and more.
  • Much improved conversation block support, including better support for non-logged-in users, notifications on new messages, new message moderation, better conversation display in the Dashboard including contextual menu for acting on messages, Gravatar support.
  • Our rich text editor, Redactor, is updated to version 10. We now include an undo/redo plugin, special characters palette plugin and better lightbox support.
  • Improvements to mobile editing
  • 5.6 features return: File manager success dialog window dialog (much improved interface); Add block for page area menu
  • 20+ other improvements
  • 100s of bug fixes and developer updates

In launching 5.7 we've certainly rocked the boat. Between the dramatically rethought UX, the completely revamped code structure, and the lack of the simple upgrade path we've always maintained in the past, it's no secret we've taken a pretty big gamble with concrete5.

Here's the full video from the last Pacifc Get In Git we did.

(Warning: It's not short.)

Join us for a discussion on pull requests that have been accepted, issues we're working on, and things you'd like to see added to the core.

8:30 PM US Pacific Time

Shoot us your Skype ID if you'd like to join:

concrete5 is a maintenance release fixing a few bugs and some minor security vulnerabilities. This release is recommended for all users of concrete5 5.6 and earlier. Release Notes

Available for immediate download. As always, thanks to community member Remo for all his hard work maintaining concrete5 version 6, and for all contributors of code that made it into

Download concrete5

We're going to start having a twice a month virtual meeting to review what's next on our agenda in Git. This will also open our process up a bit so you can influence how the core matures.

  • Face-to-face online - we'll use google hangouts, skype or something similar so it's not us talking at you, it's a two way discussion.
  • First Wednesday of the month at 8:30 PM Pacific (great timing for our friends in Asia)
  • Third Wednesday of the month at 9:30 AM Pacific (great timing for our friends in EU)
  • Recorded and shared on youtube later.
  • Likely has limited slots, so if you have a question and want to be part of the live aspect - fill out the form below to let us know you're attending. improves the experience of using the design controls for blocks and areas, adds scroll wheel support to the Google Maps block, enables easier installation on a wider variety of setups and fixes lots of bugs, including some major ones with the page type composer form editing interface. It is highly recommended for all concrete5 5.7 users.

Full Release Notes

Want to get up to speed? Check out all the things that are new with concrete5 version 7:

5.7.0 Release Notes

Download concrete5

Concrete5 5.7.3 is a big update to 5.7. Itintegrates the 5.6 Internationalization add-on with a number of improvements to the old code base, making Concrete5 a great way to run a multilingual website. Additionally, it adds back functionality to page types including default permissions and attributes, makes it possible to change page types of existing pages and adds the ability to duplicate page types. The sitemap has been improved as well, with particular attention paid to the add page experience from the sitemap. A large number of bugs have been squashed has well.

Full 5.7.3 Release Notes

Want to get up to speed? Check out all the things that are new with concrete5 version 7:

5.7.0 Release Notes

Download concrete5

It's just too hard to start playing with concrete5 when you visit

We're launching this new SimpleSite hosting as a way to provide instant demos of the latest stable version. If people want to keep them and host as is for $15/mo we're happy to support that. If they want to upgrade to a standalone concrete5 install, or graduate away to a budget host, we're happy to make that happen as well.

Here's some guidelines for what we're needing out of themes that might be included.

Watch to learn more:

We've launched some new developer documentation today!

Working With Blocks

This section has more to come, specifically around the need to create block types. That's not quite done, but what is there is a comprehensive look at creating custom templates, including defaulting to a custom template in a package, overriding core block type views, including JavaScript and CSS with custom templates and more. We've also put together a detailed screencast on overriding a core block type view layer, and why you'd want to do something like that.

Additionally, we've consolidated some documentation sections in the header navigation, and cleaned up the Documentation landing page.

Just wanted to let everyone know that there's completely new Concrete5 5.7 developer documentation available []( We will be adding to it regularly, and whenever we do I'll update the recent additions sidebar, as well as post about it here. The designing with Concrete5 section should be mostly completed, and now we've shifted focus to complete and thorough documentation about building block types and working with existing block types. Stay tuned!