With the features that exist even in legacy version 6, plenty of proud site owners have built powerful private websites to help their organization communicate internally. Version 8 is right around the corner and includes a way to easily manage structured centralized content (Express). We’ve already got most of the parts, so we’re putting some love into revisiting the My Account area to enable team collaboration. As I mentioned at the start of the year, it is concrete5’s time to graduate from WCM to ECM.

Concrete5 7.5.7 is now available. This is a maintenance release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites.

Meetings by nature are not very exciting. A productive meeting can make everyone's job easier. A badly organized meeting can feel like a waste of time. Meetings are an important part of life in the office. Learning how to host more effective meetings can save a company money and improve productivity. Featured below are ways to host effective meetings.

The newly-forming official concrete5 security team is currently looking for new active members from the community to join our team.

If you know a community member who has experience in security and would be available and suitable for the position, please nominate him or her - you can also nominate yourself. If you are nominating someone else, please make sure that you've asked their permission.

We want you to be successful with concrete5

It is my pleasure to introduce a new training "Build a concrete5 Theme." It's focused on developing a custom themes.

We love our community members. These "Featured Members" are a way for us to shine a light on the people who make up our great community.

Meet Serene. She’s a brand new contributor to concrete5 community. Her most notable contribution efforts is with the help writing certification questions.

Now, let's hear from Serene...

The timeline and details around the reporting of a security issue with ProEvents...

Despite all the talk and focus on social media marketing, email remains the most effective means of reaching customers. According to a recent Salesforce Study, nearly 70 percent of internet consumers prefer email as the method of communicating with businesses. The study also indicates that 80 percent of marketers feel email marketing is crucial to business success. But here's the challenge: according to, more than 200 million emails go out every minute of every day. For an email message to make it through all that noise and reach its intended target, it needs to be backed by a well thought out marketing plan.

We are proud to announce our Level II Designer Certification is here!

Recent years have seen the SEO industry shaken to its core by a series of major algorithm updates designed to help weed out spam and make the virtual world a better place for all. Consequently, offending websites that don't meet Google's Webmaster Guidelines have seen an onslaught of penalties, some of which are applied manually. You'll know if you receive a manual penalty, since you'll receive a message in your Webmaster Tools dashboard, most likely followed by a very significant drop in traffic to your website.