We're back with a new episode for Friday, July 26th. This week we announce community karma winners (0:55), a concrete5 logo sighting at OSCON (2:15), new marketplace themes & add-ons (3:55), a recent GitHub pull request (12:15) and answer viewer questions (13:45).

Available now is a 5.6.2 Release Candidate. This includes many bug fixes and a few cool new features like a new Jobs engine. While this is very close to the final release version it is not designed for production use, but is intended for testing deployments and add-ons.

A giant thank you to all that have contributed fixes and bug reports!

5.6.2 Release Notes


If you come across any issues, report them to the bug tracker and direct any bug fixes to the public git repo on github.

Best Wishes,
Mike and the entire concrete5 Team

We're pleased to annouce that we're transitioning away from USTREAM to YouTube Live Events! Thanks to everyone who helped us reach the 1000 channel subscriptions that we needed to make this happen.

This week we check in with Andy via FaceTime and talk about news (1:30), check out community karma winners (5:30), sticker pictures (6:45), check out a recent GitHub pull request (9:34), a cool zoo site built with concrete5 (12:55), new Marketplace themes & add-ons (14:24) and answer viewer questions (23:00).

We've got an all-new show on deck for July 12th! We'll check in with the community, take a glance at new marketplace releases and answer your questions. Don't miss it!

We're live Friday at 10am Pacific on USTREAM.

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Have you caught up with last week's show?

Totally Random is going to have a safe, fun July 4th weekend and catch up with everyone soon! Watch this blog for more info.

Welcome back! A power failure ate the recording of our first few segments, but we eventually got the show back on track. Check out some info about the upcoming maintenance release (1:20), check out new Marketplace themes & add-ons (2:25) and answer viewer questions in "How Would We Do That?" (9:20).

We're taking another week off to prepare more awesome stuff! Stay tuned.

This week we check out community karma winners (6:35), showcase a cool hotel site built with concrete5 (10:35), check out new themes and add-ons (12:08) and take a look at the new concrete5.7 Developer Snapshot (22:35).

We're taking a week off of our live web show to work on the core and other exciting projects. But don't worry-- we'll return real, real soon!

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After months and months of were working on it - leave us alone were finally at a point where were comfortable sharing a developer snapshot of 5.7. Why so long a wait? Because working for me is a horrible exercise in throwing stuff out. We like to explore many ideas, and while Ill proudly say that the final product we come up with is usually pretty compelling, theres often quite a few mishaps on the way. Its like songwriting; ugly to watch - and best done quietly in the privacy of your bedroom.