No show this week, but we'll be back soon with more concrete5 news, events and community happenings. See you then!

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The Core Team isn't going to Austin, but community memberChrisHhas kindly organized a meetup anyway.

If you're going to SXSW or you live in Austin, meet up with other concrete5 lovers at Austin Java (Suite 100, 301 West 2nd Street, Austin, TX) at 10 AM on Monday, March 11.

We're sending some swag--sign up early and include your shirt size and you might just get a free concrete5 shirt.

Join the conversation about the meetup on the forums.


As always we talk about news, announce community karma winners (4:25), check out new add-ons and themes (6:50) and showcase a cool site built with concrete5 (16:30). Franz demos how you might approach "archiving" or hiding a page on your site (18:34), and the team answers questions from USTREAM viewers (24:50). Don't miss a cool outro video from community member wagdi!

We're live Friday mornings at 10am Pacific on USTREAM.

To view more episodes of Totally Random,check out our YouTube channel.

Our live web show is taking a week off, but we'll be back soon, and with plenty of exciting new concrete5 stuff to talk about!

In the meantime, catch up on old episodes of Totally Random on our YouTube channel!

concrete5 5.6.1 is a big release that contains many performance improvements, completely rewritten full page caching, some developer and security updates and lot of bug fixes. It is recommended for all users of concrete5.

5.6.1 Release Notes Available Here >

You can download concrete5 5.6.1 from the concrete5 downloads page:

Download concrete5

This week, we announce the release of concrete5.6.1! As always, we talk about community karma winners (1:50), show off some new Marketplace add-ons (4:22), review accepted GitHub pull requests (9:30) and answer your questions about concrete5.6.1 and more (17:05)!

Packt Publishing has released a new concrete5 book: Creating concrete5 Themes byRemo Laubacher.

It'sa practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a number of examples that will teach you how to create powerful concrete5 themes, change the look of content block elements, and even make your site ready for mobile devices.

The book is available in print or as an eBook from Packt Publishing--right now it's even on sale. You can also find it at and other book retailers.

No show this week, but we promise to return soon! In the mean time, check out last week's episode on YouTube!

As always we check out community karma prizes (2:30), new Marketplace submissions (4:35) and answer your questions (9:10).

We're live Friday morning at 10am Pacific on USTREAM.

To view more episodes of Totally Random, check out our YouTube channel.

We're happy to report that our friends at BitNami have partnered with Microsoft to bring Concrete5 to Windows Azure! You can now deploy the latest version of Concrete5 to the Windows Azure cloud platform in one click. The BitNami image for Concrete5 bundles Ubuntu 12.10, so you can get the same familiar environment you're used to from BitNami up and running on Microsoft's cloud platform in minutes. As with all BitNami installers, VMs, and AMIs, the Concrete5 VHD for Windows Azure isavailable free of charge - you just have to pay for your usage of Azure.