Classes are about two hours long, and taught in a group format. We'll stop periodically during the sessions to answer your questions. Instructions for connecting to the training classes are emailed out the day before the class.

Covered Topics

  • Changing Content on Your Page
  • Entering and Exiting Edit Mode
  • Preview vs. Publish
  • Managing Page Versions
  • Basic Page Properties (Paths, Descriptions, etc)
  • Page Design Options (Selecting Page Types and Themes)
  • Content Block vs. HTML Block
  • Content Block: Best Practices
  • Block Design Options
  • Using Layouts
  • Using Stacks
  • Adding Navigation Elements to Your Site (Auto-Nav and Page List blocks)
  • Creating a Basic Form (Form block)
  • Sitemap: Basic Structure
  • Sitemap: Moving and Copying Pages
  • Sitemap: Deleting Pages
  • Installing marketplace Add-ons
  • Installing and Activating Themes

Need help getting started? Our Basic Editor Techniques class covers the common tasks & tools you'll encounter when editing a concrete5 site, plus best practices to make sure you do things right the first time.

Basic Editor Techniques Training Class

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Registration is now closed for this class. Watch our blog for more training opportunities!

Four years ago I wrote a somewhat inflammatory blog post titled Finally. Im proud to be an American because I did have hope in change.

We're taking a break from our weekly web show, but we'll be back soon! Stay tuned!

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We're back! Check out this week's community karma winners (3:20), new marketplace releases (7:15), and talk abou what we're up to in "How Would We Do That?" (12:05).

This week we check in with the Core Team as they launch a website from the Oregon Coast (1:45), expand the office (3:55), check out community karma winners (5:10), check in with new Marketplace submissions (10:05) and answer your questions in "How Would We Do That?" (18:25).

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Thanks to nominations from the community, concrete5 is a contender in the CMS Critic2012 Critic's Choice CMS Awards. It's super easy to vote, just go to the Critic's Choice Awards page and click the thumbs up for concrete5.

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No new episode of Totally Random this week-- the Core Team is on the road. Don't fret, we'll be back next week with another exciting episode.

This week we launch our new Enterprise Services site, show off a Facebook group for UK concrete5 users, announce community karma winnners (5:30), check out new marketplace add-ons (9:45) and talk about Group Sets in concrete5.6 in our "How Would We Do That?" segment (13:50).

This week we highlight an article on concrete5 in .net magazine and the 100th episode of concrete5 Japan's live show. Then we Check out Karma (2:55), Great Choice (6:30) and How Would We Do That (10:45).

concrete5 is a maintenance release that fixes a number of bugs found in concrete5 5.6.0 and applies some security updates. It is highly recommended for all users of concrete5. Release Notes Available Here >

You can download concrete5 from the concrete5 downloads page:

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