concrete5 is a maintenance release that fixes a number of bugs found in concrete5 5.6.0. It is highly recommended for users of concrete5 5.6.0. Release Notes Available Here > builds on the impressive 5.6.0 update that adds a completely new permissions and workflow system to concrete5. Get more information about concrete5 5.6.0 here.

You can download concrete5 from the concrete5 downloads page:

Head on over to for a great article about concrete5 written by community member ChadStrat.

Chad talks aboutwhy so many developers and designers love concrete5. He writes, "Although Concrete5 is a MVC/OOP centric CMS and has ridiculous power under the hood, the front end editing is the first noticeable aspect of Concrete5: adding a page is super quick."

Creating a theme, finding add-ons in the marketplace, and getting help from the community are covered well. "If you still have questions, the Concrete5 community, albeit smaller than many CMSs, is extremely proactive in helping others," Chad writes.

If you have friends or colleagues who are considering concrete5 and want to know what makes it so great, point them to this article.

An introduction to Concrete5, at

concrete5 5.6.0 introduces a completely rearchitected advanced permissions system that is better in every way. 5.6.0 also adds a new workflow system (which uses these permissions), an updated UI, and over a hundred other bug fixes and feature improvements. Read on for a video of the new permissions and workflow systems.

Full 5.6.0 release notes are here >

You can download concrete5 5.6.0 from here:

concrete5 Downloads

Note: for those of you running sites with overrides or a significant number of packages, you may want to wait for 5.6.0 has many modifications under the hood. As always, perform a full database and code backup before upgrading concrete5.

As always, we announce karma winners (5:30), check out new releases in our add-on marketplace (9:05) and answer your questions in How Would We Do That? (12:00).

In the latest "Lunchtime Learning" session, concrete5 CTO Andrew Embler leads the Core Team through the long-anticipated and much-overhauled Advanced Permissions features in concrete5.6. Inside, you'll find an incredibly powerful, flexible system built to manage just about any scenario you might encounter on a large concrete5 site.

No new epsode this week (Friday 8/24), but we promise to be back again soon. Check out our YouTube channelif you'd like to revisit previous episodes (I know you all do!).

As always, we check out the latest in concrete5 news, announce karma winners from the community (5:25), check out newly approved Marketplace items (8:35), git submissions (12:20) and answer your questions in "How Would We Do That?" (14:30). NOTE: We blew a fuse in our office, so pardon the abrupt end!

As always, we talk news, announce Karma winners (3:45), talk about newly approved Marketplace items, (7:05) code submissions to the core (13:00), answer your questions and more. Lastly, we check out new how-tos articles and answer viewer questions in "How Would We Do That?" (15:05).

Advanced Block Development - TBD

Learn how to make a more advanced block with a Dashboard settings page and Single Page interface.

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