No new epsode this week (Friday 8/24), but we promise to be back again soon. Check out our YouTube channelif you'd like to revisit previous episodes (I know you all do!).

As always, we check out the latest in concrete5 news, announce karma winners from the community (5:25), check out newly approved Marketplace items (8:35), git submissions (12:20) and answer your questions in "How Would We Do That?" (14:30). NOTE: We blew a fuse in our office, so pardon the abrupt end!

As always, we talk news, announce Karma winners (3:45), talk about newly approved Marketplace items, (7:05) code submissions to the core (13:00), answer your questions and more. Lastly, we check out new how-tos articles and answer viewer questions in "How Would We Do That?" (15:05).

Advanced Block Development - TBD

Learn how to make a more advanced block with a Dashboard settings page and Single Page interface.

Save big on upcoming training classes! All classes are on Tuesdays and will start at10 AM Pacific time and cost $95 each(that's $200 off the standard training class price). Classes are about two hours long, and taught in a group format. We'll stop periodically during the sessions to answer your questions. Instructions for connecting to the training classes are emailed out the day before the class.

Editor Techniques - Aug. 21, 2012
(registration closed)

Developer Intro - Aug. 28, 2012
(registration closed)

Basic Theme Production - Sept. 4, 2012
(registration closed)

Advanced Theme Development - Sept. 11, 2012
(registration closed)

Basic Block Development - Sept. 18, 2012
(registration closed)

You're a kick ass PHP developer. You believe that communication is the key to all of life's challenges. You've built serious web applications from the bottom up, so you know how important great documentation can be. You're passionate about consistency and details. You've got a great imagination. You aren't afraid to ask hard questions and think something all the way through, while still at the abstract level.

This week we check in with pull requests related to the development version of the core and briefly talk about a couple weeks' worth of approved submissions to the Marketplace. Check out Karma Winners (4:10), Great Choice (6:00), Fun in the Forums (13:50), What Did We Get in Git (20:30), and How Would We Do That? (26:10).

We're off this week working hard to get version 5.6 ready for release.Check back next Friday, August 3, for the next installment of our Totally Random video show.

Did you know that a major 4g wireless provider uses concrete5 across their web presence, which serves 66m+ pageviews a month?

How about the largest publisher and distributor of childrens books in the world?

The UK division of a well known american car company?

This week we announce a release date for concrete5.6, show off some karma pics (10:45), review approved PRB submissions (12:52), git submissions (16:45), and answer your questions (18:25).

If you're not a regular viewer of Totally Random you may have missed the complete overhaul of the Advanced Permissions system we've been working on in the next version of concrete5. We're getting ready to unleash it onto the world, and we wanted to take a moment to share our schedule with you.