Learn how to extend concrete5 with Single Pages and custom Controllers.The class isJune 27and will start at10 AM Pacific and costs $95(that's $200 off the standard training class price).

Covered Topics

  • Single Pages
  • Controllers
  • Working with User Accounts
  • Programmatically adding files to concrete5
  • Using Page Types & Custom Attributes as data objects
  • Creating custom forms with concrete5 widgets like color picker or page selector
  • Creating add-ons: the package format


Understanding of concrete5 architecture and an intermediate understanding of PHP.

(Class no longer available for registration. Check back soon for more discount classes, or visit our training page to sign up for a standard class.)

Totally Random is back! This week we check out our upcoming enterprise workflow features (0:10), weekly community karma winners (5:50), discuss a couple of interesting forum threads (9:15) and review PRB submissions (15:20) and answer your questions in How Would We Do That? (22:10).

According to,Piwik is a free software alternative to Google Analytics that is used on more than 320,000 websites.

If you are interested in using Piwik with your concrete5 site, check out Adrian Speyer's informative article about how to get the most out of your Piwik installation when you are using concrete5.

Read the full article at Stat Story:

Howdy! Just in case you're wondering where everyone is this Friday-- we're out! There'll be no show this Friday 6/15. Why not go outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather in your corner of the world?!

concrete5 community member Cali has been working hard to coordinate some concrete5-related events at the upcoming RMLL 2012 inGenve.

Events take place on July 9, 2012:

  • concrete5 conference session from 3:20 to 4:00 PM
  • concrete5workshop from 4:20 to 6:00 PM
  • and after work, there's a party from 7:30PM to 1:00 AM

Links for more information and to share with your friends and colleagues:

Last fall we designed and built a site for one of our city's best-loved sporting events-- Portland's 34th annual Shamrock Run. We thought it would be interesting (and fun!) to make a video about the process and how the Core Team uses concrete5 to quickly build a site from design to produciton with just a handful of folks and a tight turnaround.Check out the finished site

Also check out this sweet timelapse video of the event.

This week we check out karma winners (2:55), check out helpful forum threads (6:15), check in with Greg to see what's happening in the marketplace (17:45), and answer your questions in "How Would We Do That?" (21:50). Finally, we check out a git pull request that aims to improve the autonav block (28:50).

This week we share screenshots from our upcoming workflow features (2:05), check out karma winners (12:30), look at some enlightening forum threads (15:30) and fresh PRB submissions (28:05), then discuss work on Bootstrap 2.0 integration (23:45). As always, we wrap things up with How Would We Do That? (36:50)