Franz, Andrew and the rest of the concrete5 core team answer questions, review new marketplace items and discuss caching options.

This week's karma winners are announced and badges are awarded to DigitalCrate, kvt, johnthefish, jordanlev and crush for contributing to the concrete5 community!

Date: Wednesday October 12th
Time: 7pm onwards
Venue: Phoenix Square, Leicester, LE1 1TG

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The core team is back again this week to answer your questions. Content management? Architecture? Design? Tune in and find out how to use concrete5 to make your website awesome.

The core team answers viewer questions on our weekly live video show. This week we will continue our "How would we do that?!" discussion where you give us an example site (in concrete5 or not) and we tell you about the architecture choices we'd make.

Franz and Andrew take live questions from viewers, give away free swag and launch the new "How Would We Do That?" segment, where the crew looks at a real, live website and talks about how they'd build it using concrete5.

The latest version of concrete5 adds some new options and mobile capabilities to the YouTube block, and fixes some bugs from 5.4.2, including those with layouts, the Zend Framework, the scrapbook, marketplace item downloading, composer, and more. It is a recommended download for all those running 5.4.2.

Full Release Notes Available Here >

You can download concrete5 from the concrete5 downloads page:

Download Here >

Franz and Andrew review new marketplace items and demo the new Internationalization add-ons (both free and enterprise-level versions).

Ask any question you want of the core team in this weeks live video show.

Ryan just posted the current development version of the wordpress site importer to github:

When this is ready for showtime it'll be a free add-on.
This was originally written by ScottC, then GregJoyce picked it up at concrete5. It's status is described in the README in the code, but it basically works, even with really large imports, but it's formatting is a bit rough and the data that's imported is not complete.

If anyone has energy to put into it it'd be much appreciated.

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