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Ask any question you want of the core team in this weeks live video show.

Let's give this another shot after our technical failure last week.

concrete5 5.4.2 introduces Composer, a new way to edit your site's pages, better interface multilingual support through a dashboard configuration screen, updates important core libraries and provides over 60 bug and security fixes, behavioral improvements and developer updates. These bug fixes and security updates make this a recommended update for anyone running

Full 5.4.2 release notes are here >

You can download concrete5 5.4.2 from here:

concrete5 Downloads

Ask any question you want of the core team in this weeks live video show.

Update: Ustream let us down on this one. We'll try again next week.

Versions of concrete5 feature rudimentary anti-spam tools, including an IP ban-list and captcha support, but no unified settings page for managing these items. Furthermore, there is no support for any captcha besides the SecureImage library, which is a bit long in the tooth (and somewhat ineffective), nor is there any support for a third party anti-spam service like Typepad Anti-Spam or Akismet. We would like to change this in concrete5 5.5.

While concrete5 can support multiple authentication methods, and has built-in support for OpenID (in addition to the core concrete5 authentication method), there's no framework for building these authentication methods, making their settings available to administrators in the dashboard, grouping them on a login page or managing which authentication methods are available or how they are displayed. The Authentication Framework will change that.

In this week's Totally Random, Franzs talks transparency and Andrew discusses internationalization and the roadmap for third-party authentication.

Ask any question you want of the core team in this weeks live video show.

Folks have been able to run sites with multiple languages by hand since the get-go, but these new changes will make it far easier to run a multi-lingual site in the future.

As concrete5 continues to grow, our organization and roles are changing. When we started, it was just a couple of guys in their basement and a half a dozen sites using the software. Today there are 65,161 users on More than 130,000 unique sites that have hit our servers for update information. 65,448 sites have connected to and made project pages.

Franz and Andrew talk about news, answer questions and review a slew of new additions to the concrete5 Marketplace.

Featured this time around: concrete5 Japan makes Yahoo! News, a brief update on internationalization progress, plus an overview of Clevyr Nav, Gallerybox Social Image Sharing, Designer Portfolio and Designer Content 2.0.