We just brought the Karma system back with a new and improved approach. Now there's a pool of licenses and prizes are given out weekly from a pool we manage. No longer do you need to wait for us to render some weird video in Final Cut Pro - now you get a chance for winning each and every week.

Thank you so much for the great design work Clevyr!

There's a lot of features we have 90% done that we just couldn't figure out how to launch and test without getting the basic look and feel up first, so I don't want anyone thinking that we're done and heading off to Hawaii for a month. Basically we plan on updating at least once a week for the rest of the month until we've got everything just so.

Wow what a year 2010 has been!
We're super excited about 2011 and we thought it'd be nice to share some of our plans for the new year.

2010 Open Source CMS Market Share Report Lists concrete5 as Growing Fast

The Water and Stone annual Open Source CMS Market Share Report compares the players in the very crowded space of WCM and CMS with clear analytics. Last year concrete5 was not mentioned at all in the list, this year they are listed as one of just two systems to watch.

The report finds that concrete5 "showed the largest growth of any system in the Developer Support metric." The CMS also showed massive gains in search engine ranking and search interest, as well as a very popular project site. In summary, the report states:

"It has only been in the market in its present form since 2008. We feel the future looks bright for concrete5"

Read the full report here: is an independent group which is not affiliated with the core team behind concrete5 at all, and periodically undercuts the marketplace add-on price points dramatically.

We work with 3rd party developers who have approved add-ons in the marketplace and clump a bunch of software together into one big archive you can buy at an insane discount. (over 90% off!)

Check out their current deal >

Check out this Developer Intro how-to we just added with the lead developer behind MojorMotor.

The latest concrete5 fives 26 bugs and contains improvements to the file uploading process. Bug fixes in full page caching and other features added in 5.4.1 make it recommended for all users of

Full release notes are here >

You can download concrete5 5.4.1 from here:

concrete5 is a content management system beloved by small businesses for its ease of use and stable flexibility. The CMS was originally designed to be a toolbox for web design firms providing custom design work. Over time the toolset has become so easy to use that clients are building their own basic sites with little to no technical know-how, and they're buying more and more prebuilt themes to make their websites look great.

The latest concrete5 contains a wealth of updates, including.

  • Full page and block caching, to improve the performance of concrete5 sites.
  • Major performance improvements, to both the editing and viewing experience
  • Significant file manager improvements, including saved searches, better column customization, the ability to reorder files in sets, and much more
  • A new stable version of TinyMCE (the rich text editor that concrete5 uses)
  • Lots of bug fixes and little feature improvements. View them all by visiting the full release notes.

Full 5.4.1 release notes are here >

You can download concrete5 5.4.1 from here:

On September 30, 2008, concrete5 version 1.0 was officially released. Since we were exhibiting at OSCON that year in August, we had a few release candidates and some beta versions available beforehand, but this was our first public, committed, upgrade-ready version, just in time for concrete5 to be named SourceForge's Project of the Month for October, 2008.

That was a great honor. I started thinking, though: how many people checked out concrete5 when it was PotM, decided it might not fit their needs, and never looked back? And how many users of version 4 have never seen some of the more humble roots of concrete5? It's with that in mind that I mark this two-year anniversary with a screenshot and feature retrospective, comparing version 5.0.0 with the about-to-be-released 5.4.1. We've come a long way.

Read more and view screenshots at >