Bourne Estate Agents

The Challenge

The main challenge was to create an elegant solution that visually worked across multiple devices (desktop/mobile) whilst giving the customer enough flexibility to make changes and add content, but still keeping on brand. Having worked with concrete over a number of years we knew that the solution would include creating quite a number of bespoke blocks in order to keep the website visually correct.

We also had a complex API integration in order to pull in the property data. There are 10 separate API feeds (a sales and lettings feed for each office), that we had to combine into one feed. The feed is updated on a hourly basis to keep property data current.

The Decision Process

The customer choose Servon Design because of our complete design and technical capabilities, and also our track record in the estate agency sector. Our passion for using Concrete5 and knowing that we are able to completely tailor the solution for the customers exact requirements, help. Rather than making a design fit a mould, we like to create the mould so we are able to design the right thing in the first place.

The Implementation and Solution

The overall design process is quite straightforward and relatively quick. After an initial customer briefing we are able to recognise target markets and demographics and also understand the customers likes/needs and wants.

The front-end development is again relatively straightforward at the early stages, but becomes more complex as “real” content is decided upon. The biggest challenge is always the design and creation of the bespoke content blocks. Giving enough flexibility for change, but not so much that the original design is compromised is key. Also, with the bespoke content blocks it's important to take into account how the content is viewed across all devices.

However the biggest challenge on this project was how we handled the API data, and allowing easy search across multiple offices for both sales and lettings, along with the filtering of the returned property data.

The Results

The initial results have been impressive. The new visual look of the website is already resulting in higher quality valuation bookings taking place. And although early days, the initial numbers collected from Google Analytics favour very well compared to similar businesses. The average time on site is an impressive 3.5 minutes with a bounce rate below 30%.

“One of the biggest successes is with the customer being confident in being able to update their own website without the feeling that they are going to break it.“ - Kevin Williams Director of Servon Designs

About Bourne

Bourne estate agents are an independent estate agents with offices across Surrey and Hampshire, occupying a very competitive market place.


About Servon Design

Servon Design are a full service agency specialising in bespoke handcrafted websites. We have been in existence for 16 years and have been using concrete5 for the last three years, having moved from creating fully bespoke CMS’s.