GENCO ATC - CMS Intranet


GENCO ATC is the 2nd-largest third-party logistics (3PL) provider in the US. A leader
in supply-chain management, GENCO manages some of the most complex organizational challenges on Earth - including bringing all military equipment home from Iraq. 

Rajma McKenzie, Director of Internet Development & Marketing, was tasked with designing and developing a new company Intranet for 10 business units, 11 departments, and 10,000+ employees.

The system needed to offer document management, RSS, forums, blogs, media, and calendars. Engaging a large software vendor for a large fee to hopefully deliver a solution in the future wasn’t a great option. Rajma wanted to show progress and get buy-in as the project matured organically. Each department and business unit needed to take control of their content when the time was right for them.


After researching more than 500 CMS solutions, GENCO ATC chose concrete5 as the platform for the new company Intranet, GENiSYS. Concrete5 provided most of the needed framework right out of the box. The marketplace of well-tested add-ons helped flesh out the system with the more advanced features Rajma needed. The ease of editing and underlying flexibility was appealing for the organic rollout strategy.

The development team behind concrete5 was engaged to provide hosting and consulting advice as Rajma and his team built the product internally.


GENiSYS was built and launched on time with the help of the concrete5 development team. The site currently contains 2,000+ pages of information, 100+ videos, and 6,000+ documents. The development team provided GENCO ATC with several customized solutions for their needs.

Because concrete5 is very user-friendly, Rajma was able to train 40+ web admins in a short period of time to allow each business unit and department to handle its own content.

Since the launch, Rajma has continued to improve GENiSYS with the wide array of add-ons that are available in the Marketplace.

“The concrete5 development team’s customer support is the best I’ve seen in my 20+ years of experience. Without the help of the team, GENiSYS would never have been completed within the timeframe. The CMS is amazing, and it’s no surprise working with the team behind it is just as rewarding.”

Rajma McKenzie,
Director of Internet Development and Marketing