The website project for Paragon came with many challenges. With a complex software solution on offer, the new website needed to communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders in a wide range of organisations, across several geographic locations and a whole range of devices. The big challenge was to create an Information Architecture (IA) that would allow us to achieve this, with appropriate content, international localisation and responsive design.


We kicked things off by really getting to know Paragon, their customers and their industry. A series of workshop sessions allowed us to formulate a site structure and content plan that would engage all target audiences. The new structure led with benefits over features, with case studies of well known brands to add credibility. The use of custom illustrations and explainer videos better informs visitors without the need for excessive content.

In addition, a multi-site Content Management System (CMS) was needed so that Paragon’s internal marketing staff could manage international versions of the website themselves. We chose open-source CMS, Concrete5 to provide Paragon with necessary permission structures, workflow processes and easy management of content across multiple domains. This all takes place on a fully responsive site to provide the best experience to visitors around the world on all devices.


The result is a vibrant, fully-responsive multi-national website - managed internally by Paragon’s marketing team. Internationally focussed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and IP geolocation ensures that we provide international visitors with a localised experience (enabling optimal conversion rates). Improved User Journeys and better content lead visitors to prominent ‘Call-to-Actions’ that help drive sales enquiries.

The new website better services existing customers too, acting as a gateway to the customer extranet and customer support portals. The new site is used as a centralised hub streamlining Paragons marketing activity and making it easy for them to manage content. They can now easily engage prospects and maintain active relationships with existing customers and stakeholders - an all-round success.

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