Send Us Your Success Stories

Do you have a great concrete5 project story to tell? Share it with us!

The concrete5 community is encouraged to submit success story or case study for publication. Are you a digital agency? C5 shop? A designer? An organization using concrete5 to build, manage and deliver great digital experiences?

We want to highlight impressive websites, applications, and intranets using concrete5. These website case studies will be featured on

Your case study should include:

  • Screenshots and images
  • Describe the organizational or client goals the project met (or exceeded).
  • Explain your approach. Describe why you chose concrete5 instead of other options.
  • Share any challenges and how you resolved them.
  • Include clear technical details so people can learn from you
  • Provide data and metrics that show the impact your work has had. This is where you want to uncover measurable outcomes. These may include more traffic, better load times, or more conversions.
  • Tell & show us how the concrete5 editing experience added value? What's it like to edit with concrete5? Why was this CMS the right choice?

Useful resources

Here are a few helpful resources we compiled that will help you write your case study.

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