The Challenge

At the center of a cross-media campaign a landing page for the website project “Wavin TS” was needed, to convert visitors into customers in the sense of a modern lead management. Beside this landing page with state-of-the-art effects like parallax scrolling, animations and videos, a login area with exclusive tools and special content was required.

Therefore, the Content Management System should have a granular rights management, a user friendly backend and a strictly MVC approach. The tight schedule made necessary a flat learning curve, a modern framework and a flexible template engine.

The Decision Process

From previous projects we knew the advantages of concrete5 so we could convince our client of the simplicity, the versatility and the flexibility of this system very easily. Because our developers were familiar with it no time was lost with the decision process – concrete5 won the race.

The Implementation and Solution 

The solid MVC framework and the flexible template engine gave us the opportunity to develop and launch this project in time and to extend it with several customized solutions. With a webinar we familiarized the editors with concrete5 and after a short training the web team of Wavin could implement new content and react on customer requests.

The campaign was successful and thanks to the landing page a lot of leads could be generated.

About Wavin

Wavin GmbH is part of the Wavin Group in the Netherlands, which is the leading supplier of plastic piping systems for drainage and water in Europe. The most-sold 3-layer pipe worldwide obtained a brand new and grasping campaign. 
Site: http://wavin-ts.de/en

About designverign

We design brand experiences for cross-media effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability: corporate design, online shops, websites and classical advertisement. www.designverign.de