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A commercial & growth strategy brought to life through a new website to bring a refreshed competitive edge for Whistl

Before engaging with Rawnet, Whistl had been through a period of change. Rapid expansion coupled with a number of acquisitions had led to an overcomplicated core offering, which wasn’t helped by an out of date and quite frankly, bloated website.

New services were added without user journeys being fully considered, leading to confusion for website visitors which inevitably had an impact on customer conversions.


  • Improve the customer experience

  • Collect more data for the Sales & Account Management teams

  • Improve lead quality and quantity

  • Gain a competitive edge that’s not solely reliant on pricing

  • More accurately represent all areas of the business

Digital Strategy

To support the marketing team’s business case, Rawnet initially worked with Whistl on a siloed strategy project. This consisted of a series of stakeholder interviews, customer research, and competitor & market analysis.

Whistl operates in a really competitive market, and during this exercise, their strategy team quickly realized that competing on price wasn’t enough to make them stand out against their competition.

Whistl’s experience and customer service needed to act as key differentiators, but were being held back by a confusing website that put too much onus on the visitor to work out their own requirements in an overwhelming suite of services.

The findings served as a catalyst for green-lighting the larger project; a full digital strategy & website design and build.


Creative & Technical Build

The previous site was getting a lot of inquiries but the quality wasn’t great. The goal for the new site was to generate quality over quantity when it came to leads, so Rawnet had to think about all phases of a user’s buying journey, analyze their intent and optimize their on-site journeys in order to turn this on its head.

As well as this, new services such as Fulfillment and Contact Centre had evolved within the business, but they weren't represented clearly online.

Proposition & UX

Rawnet developed clear ‘service pillars’, all housed under the Whistl brand, making their business proposition clear and logical.

Their UX designers and strategists simplified the journeys across the site in order to raise the profile of their new service offerings. The attention to detail has made it as painless as possible for their users to navigate; with the key metric being to drive high-quality new business inquiries.

Rawnets team paid particular attention to the UX of the inquiry form to improve the quality of leads and the level of detail sent to the sales team.

Scalable technology

After the UX and design phase, they delivered a website built on the latest release of the Concrete5 CMS platform and hosted on a cost-effective, autoscaling AWS infrastructure that is designed and implemented by their internal DevOps team. It’s scaleable to support any future acquisitions, so it will expand with Whistl as they continue to grow.

The Results

  • Generated more leads for key areas of the business, through a more accurate representation of the products.

  • The new ‘get in contact’ form collects more relevant information, so the sales team now only receive leads that are pre-qualified, driving efficiencies internally through better quality leads that have more detail attached.

  • Whistl’s proposition and new content structure means they are competing on value, with the benefits of working with Whistl clearly articulated throughout the site to cement their position as one of the leaders in the industry.

  • Improved the customer experience 

"Whistl has aggressive targets for growth, and we’re confident our ongoing partnership with Rawnet will be beneficial as we continue to build upon our previous successes with them. The results of the new site show that the initial discovery phase was imperative and the new site perfectly reflects Whistl Ltd."


Melanie Darvall

Director of Marketing and Communications


About Rawnet

Their investigative process alongside their creativity and technical expertise make them a valuable partner, not just another digital supplier. They are solely dedicated to creating long term positive impact for their clients.

Their approach to partnerships

They pride themselves on their approach, calling it The 5 Ds. A fast-paced, yet detailed immersion into their client's business allows their team to understand objectives and customer requirements.

Equipped with this knowledge they're able to provide quality, scalable solutions to help meet objectives and ensure our clients are fit for the future.

Creating a long-term, positive impact

  • They don’t do campaigns. They don’t simply ‘redesign’ a website with a new set of features.

  • Everything they do moves their client one step closer to being an industry leader.

  • They only take on projects that can create a positive, measurable, everlasting change.

Contact Rawnet

Partner Page: www.concrete5.org/rawnet

Website: www.rawnet.com

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