• PHP Version 8 support.
  • Support for new Marketplace shopping.
  • Various bug fixes.



  • Multi-site support.
  • New file manager.
  • Completely updated editing experience and dashboard.
  • New flexible image editor layer.
  • Stacks now have folders.
  • Boards, Stripes & Containers. 
  • New Bedrock themeing approach (optional).

Community Site

  • New .com marketing site targeting website manager with a team. 
  • New .org marketing site targeting web developers.
  • New forums using Discourse.
  • New Marketplace.
  • New community members portal with federated login. 
  • Updated certification & partner programs. 
  • Refreshed doucmentation & translate interfaces. 
  • New hosting platform with integrated DevOps tools. 

Contribute to the Core

Want to contribute to the core? Look for "help wanted"!

Want to know which issues are the most important for us to get done? Anything in the milestones listed above are things that we really, really want – but there are other issues in GitHub that's we'd like help on too. Look for the "help wanted", "like to have" and "love to have" labels. Those denote the things that we'd love community assistance on.

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