We want concrete5 to be a ubiquitous building material equally beloved by web developers and site editors. Every decision we make is about enabling people with varying degrees of expertise to collaborate together. As an open source project, concrete5 is always growing. If you’re a developer who would like to help, we’re active on GitHub.

Here’s our high level roadmap for the immediate future:


  • A better demo/simple hosting solution here at
  • Internationalization built into 5.7 and our Enterprise Internationalization working on top.
  • Import/Export tools for migration between 5.6 and 5.7, also Wordpress import.
  • Basic Calendar/Event page types built into the core.
  • Data Types : Centralized content management for concrete5
  • eCommerce for 5.7. (here)
  • JS based headless CMS API. (Think React for c5) 
  • Gathering, Conversations to fully replace Discussions in 5.7.
  • Activity Feed replacement for Newsflow.
  • Custom composer interfaces for complicated page types.
  • Inline image sizing/cropping in edit mode.
  • Intranet for 5.7.


A roadmap for developer documentation can be found on the documentation page:

Some of this development will happen concurrently, and continued development on the Developer Documentation will happen concurrent to that, as well.

These are generally in order we'd like to get to them, but your development opportunities do change those priorities.