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After developing in concrete5 for several years, it was time to create a website to showcase the most relevant add-ons.


Add-Ons & Themes

Minify HTML

Minify HTML output to decrease page load times. The perfect add-on to optimize your web pages!


Cache Warmer

Use Cache Warmer to generate cache files automatically which makes your website faster!


Common Markdown

Markdown editor that supports the CommonMark specification. Prevent bloated HTML and write in clean Markdown instead!


A3020 Bugsnag

Detects PHP and JavaScript errors and sends them to Bugsnag. A must have for developers and enterprise websites!


Composer Security

Check your composer files for vulnerabilities reported via SensioLabs. A must have for Composer users!


Image Optimizer

Automatically optimize your PNG, JPG, SVG, and GIF files. Image Optimizer is the best and only image optimizer for concrete5!



Free add-on for agencies and contractors that use Centry Portal to manage their websites.