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After developing in concrete5 for several years, it was time to create a website to showcase the most relevant add-ons.


Add-Ons & Themes

MailChimp Subscribe

Easy and well tested add-on to subscribe visitors to a MailChimp newsletter. The form is GDPR ready and submits quickly via AJAX.


Minify HTML

Minify HTML output to decrease page load times. The perfect add-on to optimize your web pages and to improve SEO! ⚡


Cache Warmer

Use Cache Warmer to regenerate cache files automatically. An up to date cache makes your website faster! 🔥


Common Markdown

Markdown editor that supports the CommonMark specification. Prevent bloated HTML and write in clean Markdown instead!


A3020 Bugsnag

Detects PHP and JavaScript errors and sends them to Bugsnag. A must have for developers and enterprise websites!


Composer Security

Check your composer files for vulnerabilities reported via SensioLabs. A must have for Composer users!


Image Optimizer

Automatically optimize your PNG, JPG, SVG, and GIF files. Image Optimizer makes your website faster and can improve your SEO rankings! 🔥



Free add-on for agencies and contractors that use Centry Portal to manage their websites.