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Thirty Years Solid Experience


Established in the Netherlands in 1980, the Adboard group continuously develops its extensive portfolio of (dynamic) advertising products. Simultaneously our client base and production facilities have reached global level. Key success factors are focus on quality and customers.


Worldwide Presence


Our products are installed on all continents. At hundreds of airports, thousands of roadside locations and numerous commercial venues. To serve our clients best, subsidiaries of the Adboard Group are based close to its markets. The international headquarter is based in the Netherlands. Local branches and production facilities can be found in Poland, India and Russia.

Add-Ons & Themes

Title-Image-Content Block

Shows title, thumbnail and content (WYSIWYG). Clicking on thumbnail opens a large image with Highsli


Extended Google Map

Extended Google Maps allows you to add a single or multiple locations on a Google Map without the us