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Rédaction Web means copywriting in French. This website is a spin-off of our main site, used to sell direct copywriting services to customers without having to go through a complex SEO service. This is a hassle-free, straigth process : order, pay through Paypal and voila. 

For the purpose of this website we needed a very quick time to market. Using the good Responsive theme without any modifications proved a good choice. We just added a couple icons and block backgrounds; set up the eCommerce addon and we were done. Including the pages content, the site was live in 2 days. 

This is also intended as an experiment. Using the best practices Concrete5 promotes, we want to see this website rank first for the search "agence redaction web" on within 2 months of the launch (mid january 2012). We start with the position 90. (10th position on 9th page). Let's do this !

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