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Think about it. Everyone uses napkins. If you're out at a bar or restaurant, it's the first thing a waiter puts on your table when the drinks arrive. Everyone takes them for granted, but they are pretty much a necessity, if not just a custom.

But let's say you're entertaining at home, a smart cocktail party or holiday dinner. Your guests see handwriting on their napkins. They take a closer look, find that it's someone's autograph—and the conversation starts to flow. It's human nature. We are a curious species.

Consciously or not, we also appreciate the product of a "fine hand," vintage parlance for beautiful handwriting, a learned skill that diminishes daily as our world becomes more immersed in digital communication. And that's where our mission comes in.

Bearing such simple influence, our Signature Beverage Napkins™ spark the one crucial element every party host aims for: engaging conversation. We've seen it work over the past year in our personal testing. It's as if people suddenly find themselves in a Victorian salon, in the company of fascinating people whose own lives are impacting the world in significant ways. Questions are asked, interest is piqued.

Our Signature beverage products are the perfect gift—thoughtful and sophisticated, embellished with engaging imagery and an original whimsy you won't find anywhere else. They are practical for everyday enjoyment in your own home, and they also make memorable hostess gifts as an accompaniment to that bottle of wine or floral bouquet.

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