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Dear C5-user, surfer, customer,

Anita Estermann Design exists since 2010.

This small, but competetif company was online with a static website, with two Flash-elements, one for the logo, the other for the moving border-line around the navigation.

Then, in 2013, about 40% of all Swiss surfers are online with a mobile device.

As a consequence, the first project was to "translate" the logo-flash-animation into Javascript (SVG).
A fabulous tool from Google (swiffy) did that job for us.

The moving border-line is realised with the HTML5 canvas-object.

Further, we decided that a static website these days isn't really cool, so we looked around for a CMS, which is:

  • intuitif in handling
  • MVC-thinking
  • OO-thinking
  • good for developing packages, modules, etc

 After several tests, we choosed C5.

It's really intuitif and for an OO-developer just great to develop, Also the MVC-rules are quite well thought.

A sparate Theme for mobile devices rounds up everything.

Visit and see yourself.

We'd be glad to realise your new website too, naturally with C5!


Kind regards

Anita Estermann, Typographer

Daniel Gasser, Application engineer

Add-Ons & Themes

Page List Teasers

Custom template for Page List that displays actual content from pages instead of descriptions.