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A special heartfelt wish was the technical implementation of the website of art and design itself, based on concrete5. Art and design is a renowned design agency with three locations in Germany.

The project was implemented on the newest state of the technology and according to Best Practices of web development. Of course, all design concepts of concrete5 were taken into account in the development. Hence it is for the customer possible among other things to edit all the colors of the theme, to draw patterns and much more.

Of course, it was already at the time of implementation ensured that the site complies with the GDPR guidelines (Privacy by Design).

Owing to the expandability of cocnrete5 and the purchase of additional add-ons from the Marketplace, both proprietary add-ons and third-party add-ons have saved a lot of development time.

The used add-ons provide better usability, good SEO, security and a good page performance.

Conclusion: Once again a complete success and a satisfied customer thanks to concrete5.

Add-Ons & Themes


Easily create, add, edit, or delete .htaccess redirection rules within concrete5. Old site structures with an existing google sitemap can be imported.


App Icon

Easily create app icons in all common sizes and include them into your site’s header with this user-friendly add-on which does all the work for you after you install it!


Portfolio Grid

Easily display your file sets from the file manager in a grid!