Ashley Inn Bed & Breakfast

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Client came to us with an existing website for their bed & breakfast inn located near Lexington, KY, that they had setup through yahoo site builder.  They did not like how limiting the design and editing options are for the yahoo site builder and ask us if we could redesign the site....  preferrably in yahoo site builder :(   yuk,  after showing the client a quick demo of Concrete5 they were putty in our hands.  Well, at least until they got their bill ... kidding.

We did a complete re-design of the site to include a listing of their rooms for rent, a photo gallery, and a map with easy to get directions. 

A rustic textured feeling site, pretty simple and client is very happy. yay!

If you look at the 'news' page you'll get a glimpse of my Facebook Wall addon (work in progress) that lets you import your Facebook wall to display on your site with the ability to customize the colors / theme without needed to know code.

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