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It’s a full-time job keeping 4,600 pre-school through 12th grade students plus staff and faculty in-the-know about all things going on in the school district. Yet, with a recent website redesign, the Bettendorf Community School District in Bettendorf, Iowa has found this task to be much easier. They needed a website that would be easy to maintain, simple to navigate and serve as a directory and jumping off point for the individual school websites.

With parents always on-the-go and students using mobile devices more than ever, Bettendorf Community School District required a mobile-friendly website. The new District site was developed using responsive design technology, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across all browsers and devices. Additionally, the District utilizes Google Calendars to manage their many events from PTA meetings to basketball games. With this need in mind, Informatics integrated Google Calendars into the new website, replacing the previously outdated system. Overall, the redesigned Bettendorf Community School District website has changed the way students, parents, teachers and community interact with the District. Other notable features include a blog module and site wide search capabilities.

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