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The surname 'Burmester "comes from the German word" Mayor "(Mayor) - As the family came from the small town of Moelln in Northern Germany. In 1730, Henry Burmester and John Nash founded a grain trade in London under the name Burmester & Nash. In 1750 the company moved to Vila Nova de Gaia and they began shipping Port to the British Isles and the rest of Europe.

At the end of the 18th century ended the firm, when Henry Burmester and his two sons, Fredrick and Edward, a new company founded on the export of Port Wine: H.Burmester & Sons.

After the death of his father in 1822, Fredrick became a prominent member of the British community in Portugal, inter alia, as Treasurer of The Factory House 'in Porto. In London he was still very active. Here he was one of the founders of the 'Westminster Bank. Incidentally, there were at that time more members of the Burmester family active in the financial world; John William Burmester was the founder of the London County Banking Company.

The commercial and financial activities of the Burmester family were much appreciated in London. Thus, the most famous street in the Wimbledon quarter, "Burmester Road.

The invasion of Napoleon's troops in Portugal forced Frederick Burmester to leave the country. Later, in 1834, Johann Wilhelm Burmester, was a distant relative asked Hamburg to take over the leadership of the company. In 1880 the company name was changed to J.W. Burmester & Cº.

From the marriage of Johan Wilhelm came six sons, all of the commercial interests of the family in the field of port wine, insurance, bottle production, shipping and continue the textile trade. The eldest son, Gustav Adolf, together with his brother Otto, were the two main operators of Port CASA BURMESTER.

Gustav Adolf ran the company with vision and efficiency. He increased the export of the company into new European markets and America. He developed a new marketing strategy, registered the brand J.W. Burmester in 1900, created new labels, and won major awards at national and international wine competitions - Lisbon 1888; Berlin 1888; Paris 1889; Chicago 1893.

The First World War had a rather negative impact on the port industry. It was the next generation to get things back on track. Hans Steinmetz, son of João Guilherme Burmester and his nephew, Karl Gilbert, led to the recovery of exports. They founded new parts within the company who were engaged in the production, sale and export.

In 1952 the business generation Burmester Gilbert (Helmut and Arnold) took over. In 1962 founded a second company besides Burmester: Gilberts e Cº. From generation to generation, Mr Burmester and Gilbert were honored for their expertise and passion for the Port trade.