Cinnamon Lounge

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The old site had some great graphics but was built sometime ago on raw html / css.

In order to expand the reach of the site individual pages were added for each of the three Cinnamon Lounge branded restuarants.

The opportunity was also taken to modernise (html5 & css3), get the site onto Concrete5 CMS, add more functionality and utilise a responsive theme (Elegancia Onyx) to capitalise on the restaurant customers increasing use of mobile.

Social Media sharing including "Save to foursquare" (relies on vCard conventions for locations) were included to help enhance an already engaged community.

Add-Ons & Themes

Gallery Block

A configurable image gallery with the popular Lightbox library for viewing images in an overlay window.


Get Directions

Get Google driving directions to a preset location from a user-entered address.


Automatic Email Obfuscator

Automatically obfuscates all the e-mail addresses on your site to a form that most spambots cannot read.


Elegancia Onyx

A stylish, HTML5 and CSS3, Responsive mobile & tablet friendly theme with Portfolio page type.