Co Dekker

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Co Dekker Interior Projects is an independent consultant, supplier and installer of floor, wall and window treatments. Our activities in the field of total upholstery and total design in the broadest sense of the word for living, working and entertainment environments. Whether it's 10 or 10,000 m2, we are fully committed to you.

We translate the needs of our customers creative and functional solutions. Through our extensive experience and extensive product knowledge we can often bring surprising own ideas, but always in line with what would radiate the customer in the interior.

Especially when it comes to we have made as a company name traditional upholstery. So you've come to the right place, for example sewn together by hand to floor coverings, special stair carpets and floor coverings in narrow widths. You can also contact us for traditional edge finishes rugs, window treatments for pure style and for creating and placing hangings (movable wall hangings). As a versatile specialist in the field of upholstery, we also provide high-quality wall coverings, made in the traditional way which was common in the 1900s. Of course we also carry out wall coverings according to the most modern techniques. Which method is chosen depends, inter alia, together with the applied substance.

Co Dekker Interior Projects is committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We are conscious people and the environment and we continue to innovate. We always look for new materials, cleaner methods and new procedures.

Our success we owe to our own vision and identity. We offer our customers a single point of contact, have the principle that agreements are always honored and work with their own application teams. If it is necessary, the work by our people also performed at different times, for example at night or weekends.

For over 35 years we have our own course, resulting in a long term relationship with our customers.