Cochrane Creative

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A new site for my business, built on the c5 platform and makes heavy use of Dojo Studio's Folio Slider, Jordan Lev's Designer Content and Form Tableless Layout, as well as Chad Cantrell's excellent (and free - thank you!) implementation of Awkward Slider.

The site's purpose is to act as a contact, portfolio, and general information hub for Cochrane Creative.

The site was built at a fixed width and is currently non-responsive. Its a desktop site for looking at big pictures of our work. Future plans for the site include a separate mobile theme.

Add-Ons & Themes

Form Tableless Layout

Custom form block template that outputs table-less HTML, so forms can be styled via CSS.


Designer Content

A tool for designers to create custom block types, thus making it easy for users to edit visually complex content.