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The time had come to for a major update of the Collier Homes website. The competition had newer sites and we were given their wish list of features and functions. I was given the task of fulfilling these. After looking at a number of options I chose Concrete5 and we have never looked back. The new site achieved all that was asked and more.

Add-Ons & Themes

Area Splitter

The Area Splitter block lets you split any area you want into any number of sub areas



Open another page's area, or the whole page, in a dialog box



Search & display real estate listings, with listing maps & mortgage calculator


Itrio User Folders

Add public file folders to your site, and private folders for your users. The files will be stored at the path you specify.


Studio Testimonials

Manage and display user testimonials at random, including live rotation, and allow users to submit a new testimonial.