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It's not often you get to design a site that you want to buy product from. That's the case with this site. It was created to highlight a great little product that's really been overlooked. The product is a cardstock with self-adhesive labels built right into the card ... so you have a business card or postcard but you also have labels that can be used in many other ways. (One company uses one of the stickers on the back for a discount coupon and the other for a QR code. A computer tech we know sticks a small label on the computer when he's done working on it so his reference info is easy to find.)

As a designer, I know we're all looking for interesting things to design around. (How many times can you design a "regular" business card before you lose your mind?) So, the site is targeted to designers - like me. We can upload designs and get the cards printed at a great price. It's a clever product with great profit potential for the designer.

Simply Clean was the starting point for the site, and it was terrific to work with. This was an interesting project in that I personally fit perfectly into the target market. I just kept thinking about what I would want to see on this site. Funny that while I was building out the site, I was also using the product for unique little projects for other clients.

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