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The purpose of the recent update to the f-stop website was not only to create a beautiful website that can showcase their products but also to make the site mobile-friendly, improve the user's customer experience and create a platform upon which they can grow their web presence in the adventure photography industry and beyond.


Past the gorgeous exterior of the website, there are some nifty features designed to improve the customer experience while also making it easier for website administrators to maintain the site.  Some of these features include:

  • A custom-built 'Product Manager' plugin that leverages Concrete5 functionality in order to make adding and maintaining products in their online store simple.
  • Integration with cutting-edge facebook business tools
  • Integration with NetSuite, an Oracle powered complete CRM and shopping cart solution.
  • Live customer support chat

Check out the f-stop website today to view their products and what Concrete5 is capable of!