Fred Delfgaauw

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Fred Delfgaauw was born in The Hague on January 4, 1960. Until 1984 he played ad hoc by various theater companies such as The Hague and Zoetermeer Comedy Comedy. In 1984 he founded Studio Pear. He adapted classical theater pieces among others, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Beckett and made them playable for one person. His performances were found, inter alia, by their magic and strong visual characteristics, suitable for a wide audience.

In 1986 he received a Dutch theater award, the Hans Snoek Prize for his performance Highway Delusion (The Tempest Shakespeare). Performances such as Way of Delusion and Wolkenjas (Peer Gynt Ibsen) were played more than 500 times in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In 1990 brings Delfgaauw Mozart, his first show for adults, which has been so well received that he has resumed again in 1997 in a new operation. From Mozart Delfgaauw stops making productions for children. In December 1991, the guarantee was premiered.

In 1992 Theater Malpertuis from Belgium made the invitation to the direction of the operation that he Shakespeare's King Lear. Ten days before the premiere, the protagonist Dries Wieme by a car accident killed. Delfgaauw is no longer seen in the theater a half years. Seeing the audience comes in 1994, still with King Lear but as a solo performance at the Forest Land.

The jubilee performance Moments (1996), he breaks the "fourth wall" in the theater, which stands for the audience in the hall, and even flirt with cabaret. Moments is a breakthrough: the public often come in large numbers to the show.

From November 1997 Fred plays the production 't Gelag, where the son of an innkeeper in the former cafe imaginary enters into a dialogue with its customers. 'T Gelag due to prolonged success in April 1999 and was a finalist at the Theatre Audience Award in 1999.

Since 1986 Fred Delfgaauw focuses increasingly concerned with voices.
Through major international casting agencies as Multivoice and Eurovoice, his voice talent used for radio and television commercials. Furthermore, to hear his voice more and more as a commentator and cartoons from Disney. He was the voice of Dutch among others, Robin Williams (the spirit of Aladin), Jim Carry (The Mask), Woody Allan (Antz). The income from these activities he donated entirely to his foundation this finally realize a dream; build a theater without subsidy or debt.

On September 1, 1998 Fred has great interest his theater "Peeriscoop", a medium-sized theater, situated in the center of Gorinchem, opened. Among others Herman van Veen and Herman Hermits trading at the opening on to pay tribute to Delfgaauw's initiative. (
Delfgaauw also played a role (King Halewijn) in Herman van Veen's film moth, which was released in August 1999.

With the emergence of theater Peeriscoop Fred causing large movements. Both artists from around the country as does business takes maximum advantage of the stunning atmospheric theater.
From October 1999 began production Don Q. Inspired by the stories of Cervantes Don Quixote, Fred Delfgaauw and songwriter Rob Bloemkolk made their own quirky adaptation. This performance has been played 238 times in all theaters of the Netherlands and Flanders.

Meanwhile Fred Delfgaauw has completed his theater with a beautiful foyer. The decor of the nostalgic lobby invents and builds itself. It is remarkable the great cooperation with Gorinchemse business. There is no exchange of money takes place but an exchange of services and resources. For this, he would later receive the Hendrick Hamel Award. In June 2002 he received the PSI Funds Raising Award. His project is named the best fund-raising project in the Netherlands in 2002.

In December 2002 was the new performance Squiggles premiere. Theatrical feats, magic and humor seized unreality of life as we have come to expect from Delfgaauw. A performance inspired by the life and work of Simon Carmiggelt.
On October 23, 2004 is again the idea Mozart premiered in an edited version, which Delfgaauw emerged as counsel Antonio Salieri. On June 27, 2005, the Mozart performance at the City Theatre in Amsterdam declared the winner of the TVNZ Theatre Audience Award 2004-2005.

A special year begins. In 2006, Fred is Delfgaauw 25 years on stage.
On Saturday, February 25th, 2006, the new jubilee performance Less is More premiered at Theatre De Meerse in Hoofddorp.
"Is not it the dream of every artist to say as much as possible with as little as possible"
Less is more in Fred Delfgaauw is inspired by the simplest and yet most impressive moments of 25 years of unique theater. Along with directing opinions of Karel de Rooij (Mini & Maxi) has searched for the perfect simplicity which Fred Delfgaauw, theater and storytelling to, is more visible than ever.
For its anniversary Fred Delfgaauw has also compiled written work in the form of a book with the same title "Less is More". The jubilee is full of beautiful pictures of his most recent and former big performances, plus some of his Pleas, which are published monthly in, inter alia, the Volkskrant, Trouw and NRC.
The Jubilee Year 2006 is just beginning as at March 14 2006 Fred Delfgaauw is nominated for the third time for the Theatre Audience Award, which he managed to drag surprisingly hold its presentation Mozart in 2005. This time the nomination for his anniversary show is Less is More. Ultimately less is more holds the 9th place.
Royal honor for theater Fred Delfgaauw on April 12, 2006.
The jubilee year of theater Fred Delfgaauw can not go wrong if he is a Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau on Wednesday, April 12th, 2006. He received a royal decoration. Delfgaauw received the award from the Queen's Commissioner in South Holland, Mr. Jan Franssen.
And which rarely happens, happened, Delfgaauw was stunned and had no more words. Afterwards was held a party in the lobby with guests from the Dutch theater world, family and friends.
Fred Delfgaauw begins his 26th year theater.

In the new theater season 2006-2007 Fred Delfgaauw play in November and December 2006, due to great success and because of the Mozart year, again some shows Mozart. Furthermore, the performance Less is more in February and March 2007, because of great success are taken into reprise.
After co-directing many projects for the Hague comedian Sjaak Bral will at the end of the season this collaboration with Sjaak Bral further reflected in a joint show 'Coffee Stork.