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Frost & Sullivan's Global community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership is focused on engaging, sharing, and inspiring a continuous flow of new ideas and fresh perspectives which leverage innovation as a resource to help shape a better future for the growth of our companies and our careers. If you and your company are serious about growth, and you’re interested in further developing your career, our GIL Global events are where you need to begin.

Year after year our CEOs and members of their growth team, invest the time to experience a GIL event, renewing their passion, fueling their creativity and gaining inspiration through interactive networking, bench marking of proven growth strategies, sharing of best practices by industry and career, exposure to best-in-class growth solution providers and access to some very insightful “BIG Picture” 360 Degree Visionary Perspectives.

The time to get serious about growth is now. Make a commitment to developing your analytical, strategic, visionary and innovative skills. Come ask, provoke, engage and inspire your fellow members by attending one of the GIL Global events around the world. Take away these necessary tools and actionable strategies for critical decision making transforming your efforts into a full 24x365 growth acceleration system for your company.

Frost & Sullivan Institute (FSI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to leveraging innovation to address global challenges. Our world is facing serious challenges in the coming years, some of which could result in catastrophic impacts on our lives if nothing is done to shape the future. The institute leverages Frost & Sullivan research, its staff, clients and partners to work in collaboration to leverage technology innovation and ideas to address these challenges. The institute also provides research support and marketing services to other non-profits around the globe whose missions are aligned with ours.

The mission of Frost & Sullivan Institute is to support the leveraging of emerging innovation to address global challenges. Together with the support of Frost & Sullivan - the Growth Partnership Company - and members of its Global Partnership Alliance, FSI works in collaboration with its partners to inspire and evolve technology innovations and ideas to address global challenges.

The GIL Advisory Board is an independent body working closely with Frost & Sullivan management to support, develop and enhance this unique community of growth, innovation and leadership through strategic insights, thought leadership, and the network expansion of industry visionaries, innovators and leaders.

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