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Building Management Systems of Shepherdstown,Greg Miller - President/CEOIncorporated was established in 1995 by Gregory Miller. In 1973, Greg graduated from Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, WV, where he began a family-run residential construction company. However after a few years, Greg transgressed into the work of highway construction. He worked his way up the ranks until he became a superintendent for Concrete General, working in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, where he supervised the construction of more than twenty bridges on the routes and highways of northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.. In 1995 he left the company to establish his own corporation. Building Management Systems specializes in facility management, and has been doing so for over fifteen years. However since its inception in 1995, Building Management Systems has expanded its array of services to include an expansive line of property management services.  In 2012 Building Management Systems expanded into the residential real estate market through our property management services and real estate sales division.

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