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When working with a luxury brand, quality and user experience are at the top of the list. With that in mind, Ingle & Rhode had a 100% ajax website that loaded very fast. Problem: everything was reliant on Javascript.


When everything single piece of content relies on Javascript to be visible, there are 2 major issues:

  1. Users with Javascript disabled see nothing
  2. Search engines like Google see nothing

I was hired to rebuild the site so it will retain its full Ajax structure and still work without it.

Ingle & Rhode didn't want a more-or-less ok non-ajax fallback. They wanted it to be exactly the same without the Ajax.

Oh! and SEO friendly with or without Ajax and no duplicate content!!!

That meant:


  1. Redoing a custom catalog of bespoke rings
  2. Redoing a catalog of eCommerce listing
  3. Rebuilding search functionality and filtering
  4. Modifying the blog
  5. Modifying the menus



And all that had to be done while keeping a bunch of off-the-shelf scripts that were not designed for that particular scenario.

Go have a look, I think the result is pretty sharp.

Oh and their wedding rings are gorgeous :)


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