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With the ability to make changes ranging from adding multiple pages to adding/changing images or text simply from any internet connected computer, Concrete5 is a powerful tool for any small business owner. 


Though you can create complex sites with many different features on it, sometimes all you want to do is get your information out there on the web, which is simply what this client was looking for. 


Our solution for this client, a simple one page website which I like to call a person's "Online Business Card." These "Online Business Cards," contain all the basic information you might find on a traditional business card with the ability to add some more interactive features. In this client's case, all we needed to do was create a site that listed some basic information about the company, some contact information, a map of his service area, and a few pictures.

This is a great way for any business to start promoting itself on the internet and with Concrete5's user friendly design, this owner can easily expand his website as  his company grows. 

Add-Ons & Themes


Add pixel controlled space to your block areas easily.



A magazine style theme with a mobile-friendly design.