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Having worked with Lanstone Homes for quite a few years providing design, branding and web services, their old Wordpress site was getting long in the tooth. They wanted a fresh start to show off their portfolio of custom homes and developments, as well as show that they're keeping contemporary by going with a responsive design.

Concrete5.7 looked stable enough, so I decided to get my feet wet and dove in to produce my 1st 5.7 site.

Wireframes were mocked up in InDesign and then a graphic treatment was added in Photoshop. Templates were produced, but stopped short of a total finish in order to use the Layout Grids introduced in 5.7 for project pages and a few other items.

Portfolio galleries were put together with Gallery ES which took a lot of the hassle out of building galleries the old way (you know). 

All told, a happy client, and a nice site to move forward with in the coming year.

Add-Ons & Themes

GalleryES (for 5.6)

Manage & watermark your images with a comprehensive management system and display your images with 5 different responsive gallery types!