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In the summer of 2013 I committed to build a new website for my wife's music school to replace the existing DIY "webbuilder" site. We needed a 'real' website, so I went looking for a real CMS. A week's research and I settled on Concrete5, and within a few days we had a real website.

So the first thing that happens, a friend wants a website, then a family member wants a site, and the next thing you know I've built a dozen sites. I needed a site for myself (tired of emailing links to sites I had built), and came up with this. Basically a simple way to display a portfolio of completed work and some work in progress.

A big shout out to Vidall for super responsive support. You guys rock!


Add-Ons & Themes


Lets you add a login box as a block.


Studio Testimonials

Manage and display user testimonials at random, including live rotation, and allow users to submit a new testimonial.


Page Hit Counter

Extends C5's own built in pageStatistics model to display a hit counter


Lightboxed Image

An easy way to add resized images to your pages (in the same way as the built in image block), but with a caption and an optional lightbox effect.


Elegancia Onyx

A stylish, HTML5 and CSS3, Responsive mobile & tablet friendly theme with Portfolio page type.


Cube Testimonials

A package which allows creation, management and display of testimonials on your Concrete5 website.