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Welcome to the Magister JFT shop!


Welcome to the webshop of Magister JFT. Through this site you can order all the cards, summaries and Magister Gadgets.


exam Training

Magister JFT also offers this year exam training courses! These courses, taught by qualified trainers, lasting 3 hours and cover the whole fabric of the profession. You also will be given a summary of the course and the sheets.


You will be optimally prepared for your exam!


quality Summaries


Also this semester grade summaries Magister JFT offers again. The summaries are written by students who have attended all the lectures and they are supervised by a student with expertise in the jurisdiction. This ensures good summaries!




There are at Magister JFT the multiple gadgets. From pens to jackets to bags, it's all there! So show your love for Magister JFT outside Tilburg.