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     In 2008 we decided to make maple syrup just for fun, so we tapped a few maple trees on our land. We used homemade taps and plastic buckets and cooked the sap in a huge pot over a gas burner on our front porch, sometimes staying up all night.

     We gave the syrup to many friends and relatives to try and it caught on, we couldn'y keep up! This was the beginning of "Maple Leaf Farm". We since have built a sugar house with state of the art equipment for harvesting and cooking the sap to make maple syrup. We now have 3,000 taps and still growing!

     We also built a "Sugar House Store", where we sell all homemade products. We are still growing so there will be new products added all the time. We do all the work ourselves, sometimes with the help of a few great friends.

     All of our sap is harvested solely in Canterbury, Connecticut, so it is truely 100% pure Connecticut made maple syrup! Everyone agrees our syrup has a wonderful buttery flavor!

     There is always something going on at all year long at "Maple Leaf Farm", so stop by and visit us anytime, we look forward to meeting you!

Tony & Lynne Denning

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