Marion Process Solutions

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Marion Process Solutions custom manufactures processing solutions designed to fit the specific requirements of your application for the purpose of mixing, drying, moving, or controlling materials. After 75 years as Marion Mixers, they were ready to embrace a new branding identity which also called for a new digital strategy.

They were interested in a site redesign that would bring a creative new look and feel while offering enhanced functionality and a maintainable catalog of their products. Informatics redesigned the Marion Process Solutions website with their re-branding efforts front of mind. The new site features a custom product catalog with a keyword filter and plenty of flexibility for featuring solutions.

Add-Ons & Themes

Extended FAQ

Simple FAQ block that doens't create a page for each entry. With accordion and list template.


Form Plus

Integrated with MailChimp. Let your users download files upon form submission. Send a copy of confirmation email to the sender with file download links. Get MailChimp subscriptions directly through your regular form.



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