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I build the original website with Dreamweaver and Flash, then heard about CMS as a more efficient system and to future-proof web developments.

So I researched various CMS systems till I found Concrete -  it's outward simplicity and design appealed, after struggling with it for a while, I decided to turn to C5 community for help - and got a quick response - from NZ, (side note - another example of how internet has shrunk world - Jesse Archer(thanks again) is based in a scenic part of New Zealand - while I'm in Hong Kong)

The transfer was made after only a few days - easy when you know how.

Now I'd like to ask anyone who's interested for their opinions on how I can improve on the design and functionality of the site (work-in-progress). I'd like to add some kind of photo stock library function to it and make my photographs and video available as micro-stock and footage.

your comments welcome