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This project was extremely difficult as so many things the client wanted didn't come out of the box especially woth the ecommerce add-on.


I did all the C5 work starting from html/css designs I was provided with.


I made heavy use of the Designer Content add-on too and had to modify a few others to suit the client's needs or simply because they were outdated and didn't work as expected.


The challenge was to make the whole system as easy to use as possible for the client by automating as much of the ecommerce product listing as possible.

I learned a lot about the ecommerce add-on though and that's probably going to be very useful in the future.


Add-Ons & Themes


eCommerce for your concrete5 site. The official eCommerce add-on makes it easy to add and update products.



Add a Twitter feed anywhere on your website



Displays breadcrumb navigation as a block


Designer Content

A tool for designers to create custom block types, thus making it easy for users to edit visually complex content.


Page Auto Redirect

Adds a page attribute for redirecting page to child page. Options for redirection: first, newest, or random child page, and parent page.