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This work was quite difficult. The site contains over 350 pages.
Presentation of all models is a page list block. We have made several templates for a list of pages.
The most difficult template was a list of used models ( because each model has a variable data. Thumbnail on the list is an attribute part, as well as name, number and price. In addition, each model can be credited with special price and then have an additional image, which is levied on the thumbnail.
With the available attributes, we managed to do it all.
When the some model will be sold, move it to another folder in the sitemap and then displaying it on another list ( But it still allows you to click on the thumbnail to see a description of the model and a photo gallery.
The problem was also a very large number of photos. All photos are added in separate sets. However, the filter sets did not provide the quantity of items. Therefore, it was difficult to view sets.

This site was the experimental field and we also learned a lot.
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