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Nagoya Seminar Portal is a portal site. It's content is posted by many users. The content is published in the mail magazine Futeiki Business News. (Futeiki is a Japanese word, meaning "sent regularly, but the interval differs")

Add-Ons & Themes

Rescuework's Youtube Latest Video & Playlist

This addon has two blocks and a custom template for page_attribute_display. One block displays your latest video on Youtube. When you upload another video on Youtube, the video will be automatically shown on your site. Another block displays your yo…


Login Alert

When User logins, this addon notifies the Admin/User.


Composer on Mobile Device

You can use composer from mobile devices such as smart phones and tables. *Note* This addon modifies the default UI.


Recently Viewed Page

Visitors views will be stored in his/her localstorage. The Recent Views block will display his/her recent views.