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Muscle and joint care is of great importance to all of us,blokje_wit.jpgyoung, old, active in sports or just active in life. We require our muscles and joints to support us in our daily activities and to enable us to move our body with ease, flexibility and comfort.

To support our daily activities and relieve the discomfort we at times experience, we developed a high quality product range specifically designed to support total and daily muscle and joint care: NUFLEX

This extensive range of products is gentle enough to be used daily and is strong enough to maintain good muscular condition and suppleness of ligaments. It is recommended to use NUFLEX as a preventative, caring and soothing treatment and to support/speed up recovery after acute (sports)injuries or existing (sports)injuries of muscles or joints.

Our NUFLEX range gives you the possibility to care for your muscles and joints daily, or when needed.

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