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At our school the pupil always central. All lessons are taught by highly trained and experienced instructors. The student is helped to the requested license in a pleasant and professional manner. And that for a low price.


Our driver training go a fixed roadmap.


Of course we try to match you throughout the course at the same instructor.


The school is located in Meerkerk and teaches in the city of Gorinchem, Zederik and surroundings. If you live further away from these churches and you doubt whether we even from your hometown can be active, call or e-mail me to discuss.


All our driving lessons last 60 minutes.


All our motorcycle driving lessons take 120 minutes.


Most driving schools offer car classes of 50 minutes, but we consciously choose for a whole hour because the yield of the extra 10 minutes is very large. A lesson of 60 min. Cost us no more than you would at another school pays for 50 minutes. We opt for motorcycle lessons of 120 minutes for an hour motorcycle ride is simply not enough to get all the skills mastered.


For the car the rate for a driving lesson starts already at € 37.- per lesson.


The motor starts rate for a driving lesson already at € 36.- per hour. (€ 72 per lesson.)


click on "driver training" for all information about our services offered and rates.


For information about our intensive courses you can look at "emergency education".


For information on our theory course you can look at "theory course."


If you have questions you can always call us during working hours or other email. Please refer to "contact".




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