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Pharim, launched in 2013, is an independent and innovative organization specializing in project implementation and improvement of processes in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Pharim execute projects effectively and efficiently from which the customer can respond more quickly to the ever changing environment and higher quality can deliver at lower cost

The process of Pharim is based on professionalism and commitment. Projects and activities are consistently managed. In consultation with the customer, the employees and teams are trained and coached during the work. The projects are anchored in the organization. By making the proper arrangements and frequent tune with the customer the implementation of projects and improvements transparent. A project is only completed when the customer is satisfied.

Project costs incurred in the pharmaceutical and food industry are often very high due to the highly regulated nature. The correct application of the rules, worked out in the projects, provides opportunities to control project costs and even reduce.

Pharim provides project management URS to successful transfer to the customer. Additionally Pharim is an excellent partner for advice in the field of qualification and validation.